The Robotic Revolution is Here. Is Your Company Ready for it?

By Matt Wicks, Chief Robotics Solution Architect

Robotics are making their way into warehouses and DCs around the world, but it’s not an end-all. It takes a complete end-to-end solution, which means investing in the right type of robotics combined with a holistic approach to integration into your operations.

Focused on developing fast, efficient fulfillment operations that meet the needs of today’s e-commerce customer, more companies are investing in robotic solutions that help them meet those demands. By providing an automated alternative to traditional picking and packing systems, robots are also helping companies offset a scarcity of skilled labor and an unemployment rate that’s hovering at historically low rates.

Highly dynamic, unstructured environments, warehouses and distribution centers have historically posed challenges too great for robotics to tackle. But thanks to key technology advances, a new generation of smart, increasingly capable robotics solutions have emerged as key productivity enablers in the DC.

But it’s not enough to simply buy a robot and hope that it solves your fulfillment problems. You also can’t just invest in a few pieces of automated equipment with the goal of ramping up your current operations and meeting your most demanding customers’ needs. Not an end-all, robotics is just one part of a complete, end-to-end solution that incorporates numerous different elements.

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