Kassow Robots adds KR1410 cobot to 7-axis lineup

KR1410 cobot

Kassow Robots develops 7-DOF collaborative robot arms, including the new KR1410 cobot.

Kassow Robots, the Danish company founded by former Universal Robots Co-Founder Kristian Kassow, has expanded its lineup of 7-axis collaborative robot arms (cobots). It introduced the KR1410 cobot and has started production of the KR1805, which is one of the cobots the company announced when it came out of stealth mode at Automatica 2018.

The KR1410 cobot features a 1400 mm reach and a payload capacity of 10 kg. It also comes with three I/O ports and a free drive button, which Kassow Robots made a standard feature of its cobots in November 2019. Two of the ports are for digital or analog I/Os, while the third port enables a direct data/Ethernet connection with the controller.

Kassow Robots now offers four cobots that all feature built-in force torque sensors to detect impact and abnormal forces and stop the robots when they’re overloaded. Here is a quick breakdown of the company’s lineup:

Kassow Robots Cobot Comparison

Cobot Arm Model DOF Reach (mm) Payload (kg) Repeatability (mm) Max Speed
KR810 7 850 10 +/- 0.1mm 225 °/s
KR1205 7 1200 5 +/- 0.1mm 225 °/s
KR1410 7 1400 10 +/- 0.1mm 225 °/s
KR1805 7 1800 5 +/- 0.1mm 225 °/s

“After first presenting our company in 2018 and introducing the first two models in 2019, we can now offer a strong product family of four cobots,” said Kassow, Founder and CEO of Kassow Robots. “For small and medium-sized enterprises, they are a strong, cost-efficient cobot package with almost infinite potential applications.”

Gibson Engineering, a Norwood, Mass.-based industrial automation integrator, introduced Kassow Robots to the North American market during ATX East in June 2019.

Kassow is well-known in the cobot market. He co-founded Universal Robots, which is hands down the leading cobot company in the world, in 2005 alongside Esben Østergaard and Kasper Støy. Kassow left Universal Robots in 2009, shortly before it was acquired by Teradyne for $285 million.

After Universal, Kassow held multiple positions with NKT Flexibles, a supplier of flexible pipelines for the offshore and chemical industries, was project manager of the Romeo humanoid robot at Aldebaran Robotics and was co-founder of Movebot ApS for nearly three years. em>The Robot Report has more about the origin of Kassow Robots.

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