IQ Motion Control releases Vertiq 6806 motor module for the robotics industry

IQ Motion Control releases Vertiq 6806 motor module for the robotics industry

The Vertiq 6806 motor module. Source: IQ Motion Control

IQ Motion Control, which delivers high-performance motor modules for commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and robotics applications, announced the launch of its latest motor module, the Vertiq 6806. The Philadelphia-based startup said the module is first commercial-grade UAV and robotics module in its class.

The company spun out of the University of Pennsylvania’s robotics lab and said its mission is to democratize advanced motor control by bringing innovative calibration and control software to a rapidly-evolving industry.

IQ Motion Control prop

Vertiq 6806 and a UAV propellor. Source: IQ Motion Control

Module offers performance to both drones and robots

Users will now be able to take advantage of IQ’s advanced calibration and control software in a more powerful package, said the company. These modules were designed for high-performance aerial and robotics applications with strict space and weight requirements, it added.

IQ said the combination of its unique hardware design and proprietary software allows its motors to maximize torque output, efficiency, and precision, while minimizing motor vibration, cost, and footprint.

With IQ’s closed-loop motor control technology, UAVs will be able to change directions, stabilize, and brake four times faster, claimed the company. The Vertiq 6806 was designed for UAV propulsion, but with IQ’s position firmware, they are also the ideal servomotor for precision robotic applications, it said. With smooth, high-torque motors, users will be able to build extremely compact, high-performance robotic devices.

IQ Motion Control team

The IQ team. Source: IQ Motion Control

IQ Motion Control offers reliability

Reliability is paramount in the commercial UAV and robotics industries. One of the biggest advantages the Vertiq 6806 has over competitive solutions — especially in the UAV space — is its ability to report a wide range of motor data, said the company. This advanced telemetry gives users the opportunity to monitor motor performance during operation and use the data for preventative maintenance.

IQ Motion Control said its launch of the Vertiq 6806 is the next step in bringing the most advanced motor control technology to commercial UAVs and robotics devices. The modules are currently available for pre-order on Crowd Supply.

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