10 Steps to Automate a Finishing Process

Looking back to only a year ago, automate finishing applications with a cobot was something that only robotics experts were able to achieve. Things changed pretty quickly when many companies came up with solutions designed for anyone without robotics expertise. Those solutions include compatible hardware and easy-to-use software, but what was still missing is a guide to automate finishing processes efficiently. And the good news is that it’s now available for free 🙂

The 10 steps to automating a finishing process eBook guides you through the main steps to automate a finishing process with a collaborative robot. Whether you plan on sanding, polishing, or buffing a surface, learn how to:

Map you manual process correctly by asking yourself if your manual finishing task is performed with the tool held in your hand or either with a finishing tool fixed on a table.

– Choose the right equipment depending on your process. Will you need a gripper to bring the part to your fixed tool or will find a way to connect your finishing tool to the robot’s end-of-arm?

cabinet door edge 1 -2Will the robot bring the finishing tool to the part or bring the part to the finishing tool?

– Get yourself a software made for finishing applications, that will generate finishing trajectories in a few minutes, will operate the robot at constant speed and force, no matter what your process looks like.

– Find the right arguments to bring your colleagues into the project, whether it is about building your project team or convincing your boss with a decent ROI.

Perform a risk-assessment before ordering your equipment. This step concludes your project’s design phase. 

– Integrate your robot and get to production as fast as possible using programming tips for robotics experts and fullfil your unknown programming potential!

– Optimize your production by choosing the right KPIs for your cobot.

– Gather all data from your first finishing project and move to a second, more complex and more rewarding automated finishing application. 


Download the ebook now for free!

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